A solid effort has been made to “get the word out’ on the LRDI and make the case for its importance. The public venue presentations, reports and articles, including the pilot project, are listed below.

  • Grimshaw, T., in press, Low Energy Nuclear Reactions Research Documentation Initiative, in The Future of Energy: Challenges, Perspectives, and Solutions, T. Valone, ed. Nova Science Publishers, Hauppauge, NY
  • .Grimshaw, T., and D. Nagel, 2020. Peter Gluck’s Ego Out Blogsite: Preservation of a Major Resource for the LENR Field. Infinite Energy, Issue 151/152, May-August.Grimshaw, T., 2020.
  • Documenting Cold Fusion Research: Preserving a Vital Asset for Humankind. Infinite Energy, Issue 150, March/April.Grimshaw, T., 2019.
  • LENR Research Documentation Initiative: Progress in Methods and Participants. Presentation and Poster at 22nd International Conference on Cold Fusion, Assisi, Italy. September.Grimshaw, T., 2019.
  • LENR Research Documentation Initiative: Objectives, Procedure, Participants, Future Opportunities. Presentation and Poster at MIT CF/LANR Colloquium. March.Grimshaw, T., and E. Storms. 2018.
  • Documentation of Dr. Ed Storms’ 29-Year LENR Research Career. Poster at 21st International Conference on Cold Fusion, Fort Collins, Colorado. June. (Shown below.)
ICCF-21 Poster on Storms Pilot Project

The most significant summary of methods and progress was presented in an Infinite Energy article (Issue 150, January/February 2020). A copy is available here.