A major objective of the LENR Research Documentation Initiative is to make the research of the participating investigators better known to others in the field and to the larger scientific community. Postings of descriptions of LENR research records is at the discretion of the participating researchers.  

Participants in the LRDI vary greatly in their LENR research experience and types and quantity of records. Other variiables are the methods of recording experiments, kinds of storage media and accessibility of the records. The LRDI procedure is flexible and is readily adapted to the various researcher situations. As noted, a project is set up under the LRDI umbrella for each participant or organization.

Candidates for participation are identified based on contributions to the LENR research, level of interest in the LRDI, proximity to leaving the field and potential risks of loss of the records. The participants as of July 2020 are listed below with Project names and approximate start dates. The LRDI Project Reports are listed here.

Storms, EdmundCold Fusion Experiments and Theory Development: Documentation of Dr. Edmund Storms’ LENR Research Career8/2015
Claytor, Tom
Fowler, Malcolm
LENR Investigations by Tom Claytor and Malcolm Fowler at Los Alamos National Laboratory and Beyond2/2016
Pease, Dennis
El-Boher, Arik
Hubler, Graham
Documentation of Cold Fusion Research at the Sidney Kimmel Institute for Nuclear Renaissance (SKINR)8/2018
Nagel, DavidLow Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR): Science, Engineering, and Business: Documentation of the LENR Career of David J. Nagel9/2018
Srinivasan, MahadevaDocumentation of Dr. Mahadeva Srinivasan’s Cold Fusion Research10/2018
Letts, DennisDocumentation of LENR Investigations by Dennis Letts2/2019
Miles, MelvinDocumentation of LENR Investigations by Melvin Miles at the U.S. Naval Air Weapons Station – China Lake and Beyond5/2019
Miley, GeorgeLENR Investigations by George Miley at the University of Illinois8/2019
Nagel, David
Hubler, Graham
Imam, Ashraf
Documentation of LENR Research at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory10/2019
Tanzella, FranLENR Investigations by Fran Tanzella at SRI International10/2019
Little, Scott
Little, Mariss
Scott Little’s and Marissa Little’s LENR Research at EarthTech International1/2020
Forsley, LarryDocumentation of Larry Forsley’s LENR Research with SPAWAR and Other Organizations2/2020
Gluck, Peter
Nagel, Dave
Documentation of Dr. Peter Gluck’s Ego Out Blogpost3/2020
Passell, TomDocumentation of Dr. Tom Passell’s LENR Research at the Electric Power Research Institute and Beyond4/2020
Beaudette, CharlesDescription of Dr. Charles Beaudette’s Contributions to the LENR Field5/2020
Gordon, Frank
Mosier-Boss, Pam
“Chemical Aspects of the Pd/H – H2O System in Its Nuclear Active State (2011)” by Dr. Stanislaw Szpak, with Dr. Frank Gordon6/2020
Ruby Carat &
Edmund Storms
Dr. Edmund Storms’ Research Career – Interviews and Annotations: A Resource for a LENR Research Biography7/2020
Kowalski, LindaDocumentation of Ludwik Kowalski’s Contributions to the LENR Field8/2020
Lomax, A.Documentation of Contributions to the Cold Fusion Field by Abd Lomax5/2021
LRDI Participants, Projects, and Approximate Start Dates

The projects are in various stages of the LRDI procedure, from initial site visit to draft versions of the report. Records have been collected, and interviews have been accomplished with each of the participants. Nearly all of the investigators have published reports, electronic and hardcopy files, and a LENR library, and most of them have labs and associated experimental records.

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